Our Story



Established by a team of scientists and researchers, RCI Hairscience® is a brand new innovation from the heart of Cambridge. Created by a team of specialists with expertise in growth factors, peptides and herbal medicine, RCI Hairscience® comes as a result of intensive research into hair loss solutions.

Knowing that hair loss has long affected all genders, and that there are limited non-prescription solutions available on the market for hair loss, the team dedicated their research towards inventing proven formulas for promoting hair growth. 



The scalp has its own microenvironment, and the hair follicles within it are complex mini organs, consisting of intricate stem cell and progenitor cell structures. When it comes to the facilitation of hair growth, only a small molecule can enter the cells to stimulate the growth process – molecules known as growth factors or polypeptides.

There are many different growth factor families which have been shown to be crucial for regulating the hair cycle, functioning via signalling pathways that govern hair follicle development, repair and regeneration. Researchers and development teams at RCI Hairscience identified a number of key growth factors that could be safely and effectively incorporated into haircare.