Soothing and Thickening Mask for Scalp and Hair

Soothing and Thickening Mask for Scalp and Hair

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2 Times Concentrated Growth Factor Oligopeptide-41

(Compared with the concentration of Growth Factor Oligopeptide-41 in RCI Hairscience PRO Series Revitalizing Scalp Cleanser) 

400ML 13.53FL.OZ.

The RCI Hairscience® Soothing and Thickening Mask with peppermint-and-menthol- delivers a tingling and refreshing spa feeling. It detoxifies, soothes, and balances the scalp by increasing its microcirculation for optimal scalp health.

By opening up the pores, hair growth factors Oligopeptide-41 and Decapeptide-19 can be absorbed thoroughly into the scalp. They act as anti-inflammatory and calming agents that reduce itchiness. Delivered in the form of liposome-entrapped molecules, the biomimetic peptides penetrate the hair shaft and repair damage intensively.